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  • Specials
  • Everyday Discount on Full Service Oil Change

    Save $8 on our Full Service Oil Change

    Save $8.00 with the purchase of a Full Service Oil Change at our new store in Idaho Falls. Its our way of saying Thank You for visiting Grease Monkey online.   We promote our services in mailers, social media and more. But you can always get your discounted service right here--on your local Grease Monkey website. Why pay more? Find Grease Monkey Idaho Falls on Channing Way (formerly Power Lube).

    Offer Expires  03/31/2018

  • Brake Pad And Rotor Replacement

    Save $20!

    Get $20 off Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement Service!

    Offer Expires  03/31/2018

  • Windshield Replacement Coupon

    $25.00 off Windshield Replacement

    Receive $25 off our windshield replacement services.

    Offer Expires  03/31/2018

  • Free Rock Chip Repair Coupon

    Free Rock Chip Repair - No Insurance Needed, Value Up to $29.99

    Offer Expires  03/31/2018

  • Free Brake Inspection Coupon

    Now offering Free brake inspection with every tire rotation

    Offer Expires  03/31/2018


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